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URL Shortener– Sometimes URLs can be very long, and text messages only allow a certain number of characters. While creating a new message in our control panel to be sent to subscribers, we offer the ability to shorten a really long URL easily. This allows you to still direct your subscribers to the needed URL link, and have plenty of room to left to type a message. You can add as many URLs as needed and they never expire.

Custom Incentive Message – When someone subscribes to the web app text or email list for the first time you have the option to automatically send them a special offer for subscribing. This is a great way to incentify people to join the subscriber list. If you choose to include an incentive message, you can type in what special offer you would like to give the new subscriber. We also have put in place safe guards so the same user cannot unsubscribe and resubscribe to receive the special incentive offer again and again.

Birthday Reminders – Optionally, when joining a businesses’ mailing list from the web app, you can allow the new subscriber to select their birthday month and day. Every year on their birthday, our system will automatically send them a special or promotion that you and the business owner have decided to offer. This is a great way to let the subscriber know that if they come in and shop on their birthday, they can get a special offer or discount.

Capture Email Subscribers – Our web apps provide an easy interface for visitors to subscribe to the businesses’ text and email list. The web app interface will ask the visitor for their name, phone number, email address, and optionally their birthday. Once they subscribe using the web app form, they will be sent a confirmation message to confirm their request. Once they have confirmed their request they can start receiving promotions and specials from the business. The subscriber can opt-out at any time by replying the word STOP from their mobile phone, or by clicking the opt-out link in any emails they receive from the business. To send messages to the subscribers the business owner (or you) can log into the control panel and create a new message to be sent to their subscribers.We also offer an easy to include website widget which a business can include in their website’s HTML to allow people to opt-in from their website. Just like the web app, the new subscriber will be sent a confirmation message confirming their request.Lastly people can subscribe to a text list by texting a keyword to the businesses’ text phone number. Each web app that has texting enabled will be given a unique text phone number. Please note this feature is currently only available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.
Note: You must have text messaging service added to the web app to allow customers to subscribe to the businesses’ text message mailing list.Note: We offer our full text message service only in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. We do provide limited text message service to some parts of the world. Please contact us to see if we offer text message service in your country.

SMS Text Marketing – For US Based Number you may choose a keyword that will be assigned to your app. Users may opt-in thru the App or text the keyword to 27-126 shortcode to recive an offer or link to the App.Canada, UK, and Australia when you add texting service to a web app, you will receive your own unique texting phone number. You can feel confident that you are not sharing the number with another web app that is owned by another reseller. Having a unique phone number also allows you to choose any keyword(s) you would like. When on a shared texting system, the easy to remember and simple keywords are taken quickly. Having your own text phone number guarantees you can have access to those easy to remember and simple keywords. None US numbers use unique texting phone numbers are not 5 digit short codes, but are full phone numbers.
Note: You must have text messaging service added to the web app to have access to a unique texting phone number.Note: We only offer unique texting phone numbers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. We do provide limited text message service to some parts of the world, but our limited texting service does not include unique texting phone numbers. Please contact us to see if we offer text message service in your country.

Post To facebook, twitter, Send a Text Blast & Email All At Once- In our control panel, while the business owner is sending a promotional message to their text and email subscribers, they can also post the same message on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This helps the business be more active on their social networking pages and helps gets the word out about their promotion with minimum effort.

Schedule Recurring Messages – While create a new message to send to their subscribers in our control panel a business owner can send the message right away or they can schedule the message to be sent at a later date and time. If they decide to schedule the message for a later date and time, they also have the option to send the message on a recurring basis (either daily or month). This allows the business owner to never forget to send out their promotions or specials. All scheduled messages can be viewed, modified, or completely removed at any time.

Our easy to use control panel allows you to create beautiful web apps in only minutes. Giving you more time to focus on marketing and selling and less time worrying about how to create stunning and elegant web apps. Our control panel has many short and to the point video tutorials giving you a quick overview of each feature we offer. The web app creator control panel is broken up into 4 easy to use areas: preview, general settings, content, and extras.

Preview area Allows you to preview what the web app will look like on a mobile phone while you build your web app. You can navigate through all the pages of the web app just like you were on a mobile phone, allowing you to make sure all your content looks great.

General settings area Allows you to change the basic settings of the web app like the title & description, the style & colors, the logo to be shown at the top of the web app, the icon to be shown when someone saves the web app to their phone’s homescreen, also gives you an area to insert the Google Analytics code to track the web app visits, and other web app general but important settings.

Content Our content area is broken up into content sections. Once you have fill out one of the content sections a link will automatically appear on the web apps home page, give visitors access to the content you just entered. Our content sections include: click-to-call phone number, join our list, about us, email us, full website URL, business name/address, & map location(s), custom web forms, scratch off coupons & promotions, events list, photo gallery, digital punch card, products & services, restaurant menu, social media links, and an area for you to include links to other content, and an area for you to create custom pages using basic or advanced HTML.

Extras Our extras area gives you a few extra things your clients might find useful. You will find an easy to integrate opt-in website widget allowing people who visit your client’s web site to opt-in to their text and/or email list. A downloadable QR code which, when scanned from a mobile phone, takes people directly to the web app. An easy to include piece of javascript code that can be included on your client’s web site HTML which will redirect people visiting their web site from a mobile phone and/or tablet to be redirected to the web app. And a tablet tent generator that creates a professional table tent letting customers know they can opt-in to the businesses’ text and/or email list to get specials and offers. The table tent is great for restaurants, bars, and other businesses.

Color Designer – Our color designer easily allows you change the colors of the web app to match the businesses’ color scheme. We do not limit you by giving you only a hand full of color pallets to pick from, we allow you to use any color, giving you the most amount of control of the colors shown. You can change the color of the pages background, the text, and the hyperlinks. You can also pick the colors of the clickable buttons, the content headers, and change the look and feel of the drop shadows of the buttons. You can change what color is shown when a user clicks a button, and change a few settings of the home and back buttons that are shown in the header bar of the web app.

App Styles – Our web apps come in two styles. A listview and an iconview. Our listview displays all the links on the home page as a list of buttons a visitor can use to navigate. Our iconview shows a visitor a list of icons on the home page. On the listview and iconview you can change the text shown and the icons. We offer a few hundred icons to pick from, or you can also upload your own custom icons.

Preview As You Build – Our control panel allows you to preview what the web app will look like on a mobile phone while you build your web app. You can navigate through all the pages of the web app from your desktop computer as if you were on a mobile phone, allowing you to make sure all your content looks great. When you modify a web app setting or add/modify content, the web app preview automatically updates and shows you the newest version of your client’s web app.

All Packages come with: * Live Weekly & Recorded Training * Marketing Materials * Postcards * Flyers * Brochures * Contracts * Quick Start Guide * Business Plan * Business Cards * Lead Generation Software & Tools * Text Marking ROI (Return On Investment) Calculator & Much More.

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Digital Business Cards

$4997/ month
  • 20 Digital Business *Cards (DBC)
  • Weekly Live Q&A Training
  • Template Design Wizard
  • 1 Click Publishing
  • Click To Call Features
  • Door to Door GPS Features
  • Facebook Integration Features
  • Twitter Integration Features
  • Text Marketing Additional Fees Apply
  • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Email Ticketing Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Mobile App Gold Package

$9997/ month
  • *All DBC Features Plus
  • 100 Apps/Digital Business Cards
  • Scratch Off Coupons
  • 1 Click App Duplication
  • SMS Texting Ready
  • Texting ROI Calculator
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Photo Gallery
  • Youtube Videos Embed
  • Web Forms Embed
  • Private Facbook Group
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

APP Business Professional

197/ month
  • *All Gold Features Plus
  • 500 MobileApps
  • Website w/Payment Integration
  • Client Login Branding
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Contest Prize System
  • Powered by App Branding
  • Sales & Lead Gen Software
  • Analytics Integration
  • Reputation Management Alerts
  • Birthday Reminder Alerts
  • QR Code Generator Print Ready
  • Events Calendar
  • Web Forms w/Upload Photos Feature
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Enterprise Package

300/ month
  • * All Fetures Plus
  • 1000 Apps Your Domain
  • Individual App Domains
  • Viral Text Share All Apps
  • Mobile Directory BuilderCustom Domain All Apps
  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation
  • Advanced 6 Week Training Course
  • Unlimited Sales Reps Custom Logins
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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