AppWizard Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us here or call us @ 855-330-2673

Yes, our platform supports dozens of countries around the world. Our Taxing plans vary depending on each country.

No,  App Wizard Studio  lets you pay as you go so you have no long term contracts. We also have a 30 Day Refund Policy should our platform not fit your needs.

We have a 30 Day Refund Policy should our platform not fit your needs.

We do have a couple of optional services we do provide that are not required but recommended to help you and your client use the marketing platform to take full advantage of the App Wizard Studio Platform.

Mobile Text Marketing service – Each App is provisioned a phone number so that you and or your clients will be able text market to their customers and get reputation reports via text messaging.

1. Texting costs for US and Canada are as follows.500 texts per month are 3 cents per text or 15.00 per month1000 texts per month are 2.5 cents per text or 25.00 per month 2500 text per month are 1.8 cents per text or 45.00 per month5000 texts per month are 1.3 cents per text or 65.00 per month

International Texting is a flat 5 cents (US) per text broadcast.

We have a sales rep Add-on feature where you can assign Apps to sales reps and they can log-in and only edit or build on apps that you alot or assign them. Having sales reps is a very good way to grow your mobile app business exponentially and target multiple areas to market at once. We have many Resellers who advertise for sales reps on Craigslist and various other job posting websites

Although Responsive is great and can suffice, It does not have the necessary engagement features that Our Mobile Web Apps provide. Mainly:

  • Click to Call
  • Door to Door GPS Directions
  • Scratch off Coupons on Demand
  • Loyalty Rewards Programs
  • Contests & Much More
    For those reasons plus the fact that AppWizard Studios Apps are designed for “Mobile First” and adjust to the screen size specifically for the phone screen resolution they are being displayed on. We invite you to look at a mobile responsive site next to a mobile web app the apparent differences are proof enough to any savvy business owner.

Live Training’s are every Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm Eastern Time 8:00 pm Central. You can sign up for reminders and live links by filling out the from below.

Yes. You can upgrade right within in the platform anytime.

With the Gold Reseller Package you get a total of 100 Mobile Web Apps to sell and keep 100% of the profits , Easy to use Mobile Web App building platform, Marketing materials, Mobile Marketing business plan to provide your clients, Customer signup forms, Reputation Management System, Lead generation tools, Weekly Training Webinars, Ticketing Support System.With the Platinum Reseller Package you get all of the above plus 500 total mobile web apps to sell and keep 100% of the profits, your own website which you can customize with your own logo, pricing and contact info and the “powered by your company branding link at the bottom of all your Mobile Web Apps that will help you generate additional sales leads as users view your Apps.s text.

You can email us at info or call 855-330-2673 or use our contact form Contact us here

The App Links and content can be designed in any language you wish although our system will not translate you will have to provide the content in that language. Our backend building and marketing platforms are currently only in English.

After much research we have concluded that for the majority of SMB’s or (small to medium sized businesses) native apps are a very bad way to engage customers on mobile devices.  Our Mobile Web Apps have the look and feel of native and offer a choice to add to home screen just like native without forcing the consumer to download just to view content. for more information please see this article

All Apps by default are hosted on but we do have an upgrade for $20.00/mo You can assign on any and all the apps in your plan a custom domain to. Our system will even generate a redirect code that you will place on your clients website to automatically redirect the the mobile web app when a visitor is visiting the site on a mobile device. This also complies with google “mobile friendly algorithm which will help your clients search rankings. for the $20.00 upgrade this feature is enabled on all your apps.y only in English.

All App upgrades are backwards compatible – meaning should old links be posted anywhere the old link will redirect to the new link should you decide to brand any of your apps or upgrade your account in the future.

Additional Apps can be can be purchased for in lots of 500 for an additional $100 per month. We would suggest just upgrading to the Enterprise plan to start as your first upgrade which will provide you with 1000 total apps.

Are there any other additional charges other than the monthly fees? We do have a couple of optional services we do provide that are not required but recommended to help you and your client use the marketing platform to take full advantage of the App Wizard Studio Platform.

Mobile Web Apps are web based mobile sites that can be updated and edited in real time and the changes happen instantly. On an iPhone our Mobile Web Apps have the look and feel of native without having to pay iTunes fees to submit and wait weeks for approval. When an iPhone user scans a QR Code or visits the clients website, they are automatically redirected to the Mobile Web App and prompted to add the shortcut and icon to their home screen and can be accessed anytime just like the apps from iTunes and the customer is not forced to download the businesses App just to view the content and the consumer has a choice. Studies show that when users are forced to download an app there is a 62% abandonment rate.  With our mobile web apps you get the best of both worlds, both providing content & allowing users to add icons to their home screen for quick mobile access to content.

You can charge your customers any price you want. Typically, our resellers charge their clients From $197.00 to $1,400.00 for design and setup, then $49.00 -$149.00 per month when their clients include the marketing platform & reputation management system that come with all apps you build. “It is hard to find any business you can start that provides such a Complete Turn-Key Solution and is in this much demand with the profit potential that App Wizard Studio Easy Platform provides!

Sorry but we do not offer a chosen territory option at this time.

With our Pro version you will have your own logo and your own website, all your apps will say “powered by” Your company your clients can login thru your website and they will not see the app wizard branding.

We are a hosting company and par the fees we charge monthly are dedicated for hosting the apps as well as training, software development, upgrade maintenance & Support.
If a reseller cancels their subscription we cannot continue to provide hosting, support & upgrade to your clients apps for FREE and indefinitely. Consequently You should also be charging your customers a recurring monthly or yearly fee that should more than cover your monthlyplatform Fees . For this reason we do not recommend selling any App for a 1 time design fee. If you set your Mobile App Business up right and use smart recurring billing, you should never have an issue in covering your monthly Platform fees . There are few business opportunities out there that are in this much demand and afford this much profit margins with recurring income potential. We should like to think that any potential reseller considering starting a Mobile App Business should be in it for the long haul and build their business on a solvent forward thinking structure. Should you decide to cancel you account all apps will say “Account on Hold” on each app. This is no different than if you hosted sites on hostgator or godaddy, should you cancel services with them you would not expect them to keep your website accounts on their system for FREE & indefinitely.

On the Enterprise Package All your Apps can say or instead of the this allows you to brand all your apps by default to your business name.

Our Apps Currently do not have appointment booking capabilities. That said All Apps can be easily integrated with third partly services such as opentable or vcita by simple linking.