Business cards 6 Styles to choose from. Our system allows you to enter your name, and contact information and the business card is automatically generated. Once generated you can take the PDF file to your local print company and in a few days have your professional business cards to give to your clients.

Our colorful professional sales flyer allows your clients to quickly get an overview of the mobile products you have to offer. The flyers offers a general overview of the web apps you offer, a QR code they can scan to see an example on their phone, and all your contact information. Once you enter your contact information and generate the PDF, you can take the PDF file to your local print company to be printed.

Tri-fold brochure Our colorful tri-fold brochure gives you another print media option to show to your clients. The tri-fold is more compact and is complete with text and professional graphics on the outside and inside of the brochure. Just like the sales flyer, you can enter all your contact information to be shown and within seconds have a professional brochure to take to your local print company.

We offer two professionally made videos for you to show your clients. A quick 2 minute overview video and a longer 10 minute overview video. Both will allow your clients to get a quick overview of what they can except to see on their web app. You can send the video(s) directly to your clients or upload the videos to your business YouTube account and give your clients a link to view your overview video(s).

We offer our professionally made TV commercial. The video is quick and to the point and gives your clients all the information they need in the shortest amount of time possible. You can also run the commercial on your local TV stations to promote and advertise your business even more!

Would you also like to advertise on your local radio stations? We have that covered too. Our premade two minute professional radio advertisement is done using a professional radio voice and gives your clients an audio overview of what your web apps can offer.

Our pack of 7 HTML web banners will help jump start your internet marketing campaign. All HTML web banners we offer are IAB (Ad unit guidelines) compliant and come in a variety of colors. Simply download our professional web banner pack and you have all your artwork complete.

Cold call script – Not sure how to talk to people over the phone about your web app products? We offer a real –world dialog script that helps our resellers get their feet wet and will help you on your first call to your clients.

Premade sign-up form Our printable sign-up form will allow you to write down your client’s needed information to help you create their web app. The form includes an area for the client’s contact and address information they would like shown on the web app, also an area for the client’s social media links like Facebook, Twitter, and others. The form also includes an area for your client’s contact information and an area for custom requests they might have, like their web app style/colors or other general information they request to have shown on their web app. Our printable authorization form will give you a way for your clients to give you written consent to charge their credit card on a recurring basis. The form goes into detail noting the amount your client will be charged and the frequency their credit card will be processed. The form also allows the client’s contact information to be placed on the form so you can easily have their information accessible if needed.